Farm Worker Staff Tracking



Automating manual time sheets and payroll with automation via fingerprint technology

K2 & OnTime

Staff Time Tracking

The client was burdened with the tediousness of needing to do manual reporting, having their payroll take hours/days to complete, and manually checking staff visa requirements  every week.

The Inasolve solution:
We created a system to register staff, record fingerprints and link Visa checks with government online services. We then installed fingerprint scanners across the farm which report live data to their management team. Daily and weekly reports are now sent automatically containing a compiled list of employee time sheets and days until Visa expiry, allowing the client easy and efficient management of a large workforce.

As a result of our work and the system we implemented, their payroll is now as simple as reporting a prepared sheet with accurate data. Additionally, the farm manager is now able to identify any bottlenecks in their farm’s productivity due to all logged-on staff being tracked based on location. This now allows fast changes to ensure the highest productivity output.

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