Sportsground Auditing


Government Council

Digitise manual entries and spreadsheets into automated, detailed reports


Sportsground Auditing

Sportsground Auditors needed to assess the quality of sports grounds across the council to make sure it is suitable for use. When testing soil, they need to know things like where to stand and then enter the data into a spreadsheet or manual paper form which is cumbersome and time-consuming.  It means reading through all the data manually and concluding the results after many hours of work.

Inasolve solution:
We worked closely with the council to create an application that is mobile and can be used to inform the auditor on where exactly to stand to correctly check the soil using geolocation, and then report the findings directly into the application on the iPad/Tablet.

Our application then uses the data to produce various automated reports that can easily be used to make quick decisions. This includes data from the on-field reports, photos and notes – all submitted in real-time without delay. We achieved this result using K2 software that is easily deployed and maintained and routinely saves the council hours of underutilised time every day.