OnTime Staff Management



Geo-location clock-in for onsite healthcare workers


OnTime Staff Management Solution

We realised that healthcare workers are required to visit patients and participants in the government healthcare program at their homes and other specified locations to provide assistance, with no way for employers to track their attendance, ensure they are on time, or quickly organise a replacement carer if needed.

Inasolve solution:
We built a system that uses geo-location tracking and a clock-in/clock-out infrastructure to automatically report back to supervisors and key people on the status of their employees.

This system includes reminders for carers to check in when needed and appraises all carers based on their attendance using OnTime. This now allows healthcare providers to be transparent with their patients and allows them to manage their staff both easily and efficiently.

An additional benefit of our OnTime Staff Tracker is that we have the ability to adapt and modify its functionality and user interface to suit the needs of any industry, not just healthcare. Businesses ranging from hospitality and retail all the way to mining and construction can make the most of using our system to save them valuable time.