Professional Services

Businesses that wish to remain productive and allow their staff to work efficiently have many important decisions that they have to routinely make. From an IT standpoint, in order for these organisations to keep growing and have their systems running smoothly, they must be able to:

  • Design and implement new solutions to keep up to date with the latest technology and make the most of the benefits they provide 
  • Integrate their systems, allowing the business to simultaneously automate the transfer of data and remove human errors, all while benefitting from these newly implemented solutions

Inasolve can help with both of these matters. Speak with us to discuss the current systems and processes used in your business, where we can look over your company roadmap and future plans and work with you to make them a reality. We’ve helped many companies reach their goals in the past and we would love to partner with you and help your company reach the same heights. 

Feel free to download our brochure below and send us your details so that we can arrange a no-obligation initial online consultation. 

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One-Off Projects

Statement Of Work projects that require specific features can be quoted based on your requirements. 

When beginning discussions for a project, we will first need to get an overview of what you have in mind for us. From there, we can offer up some potential solutions that can be pursued and eventually work towards tailoring a proposal with clear timelines and provide after-sale services if required.

As a general rule, the larger the project and commitment that’s made, the better our proposal can be for you. Additionally, our work is easily some of the best available on the market, with the repeat business of our many clients standing as testimony to the quality of our work and affordable rates. 

Business Analysis 

With business analysis solutions, we help your business follow the optimal IT strategy by analysing your company’s processes and procedures.

Implementation and Configuration

We assist with implementing and configuring system integration (both on-site and virtually) to smoothly automate, organise and connect applications and data processes.

Customised Automated

We customise automated software solutions to process employee timesheets and simplify payroll. We provide the online platforms, employee training, and protocols (biometric scanners at your office) to complete the automation process.

General IT Support and Services

We provide training and integration support on solution implementation and user experience. Additionally, we provide Business Intelligence consulting services that focus on database and report development.

Development Life Cycle

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Step 3: As soon as you are satisfied with the solution we propose, you can sign off and we’ll begin your project